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I - Advanced Technology Application


Quake Brake (QB) Seismic Retrofits offers fast and rapid installation, economical, and innovative retrofits. 

  • QB Patented (USPTO 9,316,012) Retrofit System Was Developed in The Heart of Silicon Valley

  • Provides A  Higher Level of Safety At A Lower Cost Than Traditional Retrofit Systems With Minimal Disruption To The Tenants And their Use Of The Parking Space. 

  • In Most Cases The QB Frames Can Be Installed And Attached To The Existing Foundations

  • No Loss Of Parking Spaces & Capable Of Fast Implementation/Construction

  • Attractive Alternative Seismic Retrofit for Mixed Use Commercial-Residential 

  • QB Retrofit System Has been Installed In Buildings Located In Cities of Fremont, San Francisco, and San Mateo

  • QB Testing Was Completed On 2/2015-3/2015 At The City of San Francisco Earthquake Program Implementation Center (EPICENTER -

Please contact us for further information concerning licensing and Design/Build services.









II - Conventional Application of Seismic Retrofit


  • We Provide Structural Engineering Design Retrofit, And Project Management Services.  

  • We Provide Engineering Design and Project Management services. 

  • We Provide Turnkey Design/Build Seismic Retrofit projects In Association With Tritech Construction Inc With .

  • Our Services Include Seismic Retrofit with Option of Adding New Legal Unit in the Existing Storage Spaces

  • We Are Approved By AllianceNRG For Assisting & Arranging Financing  For Seismic Retrofit Projects Without Requiring Owners Need To Qualify.  

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P. Zavareh & Associates Consulting Engineers (408)829-3067     Registered Professional Engineers    Alabama, California & Texas

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