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Using State of the Art Techniques to achieve highest Technical & Innovative Solution to Engineering  Projects


For over 30 years P. Zavareh & Associates have been bringing state of the art experience in designing, developing, analyzing  and collaborating with other professionals and contractors to provide the best affordable professional engineering services in meeting clients objective and budget with extreme reliability. 



Make It Simple  

Have Clients Best in Mind, strive to create & maintain lifetime client relationship


Faster Cheaper Better


Stay abreast of the latest innovations in structural design/analysis and construction industry to provide the clients the  most for their budget,  stay active with providing support at each stage of the project, 

Parviz Zavareh PE.  Principal/Owner
Registered Professional Engineer  
Alabama, California & Texas 

P. Zavareh & Associates (PZA) Consulting Engineers with over three decades of experience in various industries, providing the following services:

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Safe Life Analysis (Fatigue & Fracture Mechanics Crack Growth Analysis)

  • Structural Design & Analysis

  • Project management  & services

  • Systems engineering & Requirements Development

  •  Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial, Off-shore, Structural Design & Analysis (Single Story to High Rise)

  • Aerospace/Defense Systems & Engineering Analysis and Management.

  • Seismic Design & Analysis,  and Retrofit (Soft Story) of Structures

  • CAE Support and Training

  • Risk Assessment, FMEA & Hazard Analysis 

P. Zavareh & Associates  are Co - Owner of  Quake Brake; United States  Patent No 9,316,012  "Systems and Methods for Retrofitting a Building for Increased Earthquake Resistance"

Quake Brake -  a seismic retrofit framing and friction damper system (, capable of rapid installation and implementation and construction with minimal disturbance to the occupants at a competitive cost and lower to the conventional construction.  Quake Brake Frames projects are constructed & installed in Fremont, San Mateo, and San Francisco.

Honors & Awards

  •  Recipient of Several NASA Manned Space Flights and Group Achievements Awards

  • Member of NASA Space Shuttle Challenger Accident Redesign Team

  • Recipient of NASA Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) Achievement Awards


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